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Stamus Networks is proud to announce the first release of Scirius, its Suricata ruleset web management interface.

Scirius is a web management interface developed by Stamus Networks and released under the GPLv3 license. The interface is aiming simplicity and efficiency and that’s why we have adopted a simple design:

Screenshot from 2014-05-03 11:25:06

It is possible to link Scirius with a running Elasticsearch fed by Suricata EVE JSON log. Once done, information stored in the Elasticsearch can be used to get an idea of the activity of the Suricata. The following screenshot is an example of statistics fetched from Elasticsearch and displayed in Scirius:

Rules activity

Scirius is currently in alpha stage but it is already possible to manage efficiently a Suricata ruleset using ETOpen or ETPro ruleset. For example, the following video is demonstrating how it is possible to remove a selected subset of signatures from the ruleset:

Scirius is available on Github. Following releases of Scirius will feature among other things the support for local signatures (uploaded by the user) and some missing operations such as quick removal of individual signature.