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Stamus Networks is proud to announce the release 0.3 of Scirius, our web interface for Suricata ruleset management.

The interface has been redesigned for more compacity and clarity:
Screenshot from 2014-05-19 11:21:00

Two major features have been added:

  • Support of local rules: User can now upload rules contained in an archive
  • Fast suppression of rules: two clicks are enough to suppress one rule

It is now also possible to select the time period selection on rules activity:

Screenshot from 2014-05-19 11:28:07


Please note, the rules with sid 220029 on the screenshot. It is displayed strikethrough because it has been suppressed from the ruleset.

Here’s a screencast showing how easy it is to suppress a noisy rule from a ruleset:

With all these new features, we think that Scirius can now be efficiently used to administrate a Suricata ruleset.

Stamus Networks is happy to release Scirius as Open Source Software under GPLv3. You can download it from GitHub : scirius-0.3.tar.gz.