June 2014

Stamus Networks is proud to announce the release of SELKS 1.0 beta2. This is the second public release of our Live and installable ISO implementing a ready to use Suricata IDS/IPS.

Screenshot from 2014-05-22 10:14:38

SELKS 1.0 beta2 can be downloaded:

MD5 sum of the SELKS-1.0beta2.iso file is 38222aeda399f7502913c91465ac9499.

If this new release features some improvements in the creation process, the main new things for the user are an updated version of Scirius and a custom Kibana interface. A menu to switch from one interface to the other has been added on both application. A link has been added in the detail of alert event to be able to jump from Kibana to the correct place in Scirius rule management. The following screencast demonstrates these features:

On Suricata side, file extraction and Unix socket are now enable by default. So SELKS 1.0-beta2 will extract to disk files from stream if signatures containing the filestore are used. The activation of Unix socket allows user to get data from Suricata and/or to use alternate running modes like multiple pcap processing.

The complete Changelog is as follows:

  • bump ES to 1.2.1
  • suricata: enable file extraction
  • kibana: use stamus version
  • suricata: enable unix-socket
  • scirius: remove unused files
  • build: add capability to add option to lb config
  • scirius: use new command to build default ruleset (Fix Issue 1)
  • scirius: use version 0.4
  • doc: update links on desktop README