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Stamus Networks is proud to announce the availability of version 1.0-rc1 of Scirius, our web interface for Suricata ruleset management. This new release is first 1.0 release candidate. You can download it from Github download page.

It features a lot of bug fixes and improvements over the previous (beta) release. Among the new features, Scirius is now displaying a system status in the left sidebar.


It displays :

  • Status of the Elasticsearch cluster (in SELKS and if setup).
  • Status of Suricata.
  • Memory usage: alerting if swap is used.
  • Disk status: alerting if disk is filled in.

An other important improvement is the support of flowbit, scirius now disables all rules sharing a flowbit if one is disabled. This helps preventing entering is some weird state where an incomplete set of rules could trigger a lot of events.

Last but not least, the copyright has been updated with a new year inside. Happy new year 2015 from Stamus Networks team.

SELKS user can upgrade to Scirius 1.0-rc1 via apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.