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Following the release of Scirius Community Edition 2.0, Stamus Networks is happy to announce the availability of Scirius Enterprise Edition U29. It is using the ruleset management capabilities of Scirius CE 2.0 so new features such as transformations and public sources are available.

This release continues on the redesign of the interface done with Scirius CE. The landing page for the appliances management has been modified to offer a list of appliances with a number of filtering and ordering options.

This list has expandable items so it is easy to get information about one specific probe:

The asynchronous tasks display has also been redesigned with the same consistent approach:

If we have been busy in the design, the U29 release also comes with three exciting new functional features: REST API, VPN based probes and device monitoring dashboards.

The REST API is allowing third party application to query and modify the objects defined in scirius:

Applications like SIEM would benefit of that as it will enable powerful integration.

The VPN based probes is a big change as it allows to have probes that can connect to SEE from behind private networks/NAT/Firewalls. There is no need anymore of direct connectivity from Scirius to the probe.

The monitoring dashboard is available for Scirius Enterprise itself and for the managed Stamus Probes. It gives key indicator of the health of the devices:

Feel free to contact us if ever you want more information about our products. We will be happy to set up a demo and answer any of your questions.