Scirius Enterprise Edition

An appliance providing a web application for central management for Stamus Networks intrusion detection probes and custom probes running the open source Suricata IDS.

Central management and log centralization for Suricata based probes

Scirius EE allows for fully centralizing Stamus Networks probes configuration management as well as log centralization. It also features our innovative Run Your Own Defense system. It provides multiple sources/multiple rulesets central management of any existing Linux based Suricata installation. Scirus Enterprise is agentless and comes with secure https and role based access.

Major features

Multi probes

Full central management for multiple Stamus Probes. Also compatible with custom Suricata Linux based probes for ruleset management.

Manage multiple rulesets, multiple sources, logs and dashboards.View Suricata performance.


Run Your Own Defense containers allowing for any custom action required on the data/logs.

Deploy external code or custom code to interact with your information system. Do specific analysis on data such as Indicator Of Compromise testing.

Tasks scheduling

Allowing for managing multiple probes in parallel, secure and on demand or scheduled manner.

Do mulitple configuration change and and schedule a global deployment. Define periodic tasks such as refreshing rules sources and other data.

Role based access

Implement different level of access and audit user actions.


No need for agent installations on the probes and administrator side.

Log centralization

Collect and analyze logs from any Suricata installation.

Scirius CE vs Scirius EE comparison

Scirius Community Edition

Scirius Enterprise Edition

Availability and services

Hardware appliance

Software appliance

Virtual appliance (VMWare, Amazon AMI)

Enterprise support

Ruleset management

Multi probes

Multi sources

Multi rulesets

Custom rules support

Scheduled update

Suppression and threshold

Lateral movement and target illumination

System management

Configuration management of Stamus IDS probes

Backup and restoration of configurations

Export, import and management of dashboards

System upgrade for Stamus appliances

System and Suricata status information panel

Offline upgrade for air gapped sites

Option to monitor via Datadog

Configuration of multiples probes via hierarchical templates

VPN (anywhere) probe registration

Full Rest API

Log centralization and analysis

No data loss log transfer

Events storage in Elasticsearch

Support of existing Elasticsearch cluster connection

Log shipping from non Stamus – custom Suricata probes

Log events forwarding

Logging to Splunk

Run Your Own Defense

User managed container

Web management interface

Role based access

HTTPS access

Agent less

Authentication via LDAP and Active Directory

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